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The most relaxing holiday head start ever – Why to stay in Airport Hotel Bonus Inn

Our stay was provided by Airport Hotel Bonus Inn. We’d like to address our special thanks for the super friendly staff of the hotel. We really enjoyed our stay – all facts and opinions included in this post are 100 % real.

I’ll be honest with you guys. I can’t even count how many nights I have spent at airports all over Europe just to save a little extra money on my travel budget. Last year I did it in Helsinki-Vantaa twice. The last time was in October. And it really was my last time. That was when I realized I’m too old to sleep on hard and cold airport benches.

You see, even if Helsinki-Vantaa is credited for being such a great airport to spend a night at, it does not apply before passing the security check. In case you are – for one reason or another – not able to enter the brighter side of the security check, or an incredibly good at falling asleep in the most uncomfortable places, you will have a sleepless night ahead of you.

It might be completely free, but is it really worth wasting the first one or two days of your holiday due to aching muscles and sleep deprivation? I highly doubt it. Especially in case of a quick weekend escape, when in the worst case you’ll end up wasting the whole of your holiday sleepwalking like a zombie.

You might wonder why I’ve been willing to do that (until last October). Well, as you might know, Finland isn’t necessarily the cheapest country in the world. Nor in Europe. When living far enough from Helsinki-Vantaa, travelling there in the middle of the night in order to catch the morning plane might be a) extremely pricey or b) simply impossible, especially if using public transport. By using your own car you will have to stay up all night driving plus pay huuuuuge parking fees for the duration of your holiday. None of the options is really tempting.

Before I haven’t even considered booking a room in an airport hotel for the night prior to my early morning flight. Neither have I thought that I could actually save money by doing so! Of course I always knew that sleeping in a comfy bed would automatically save me the trouble of aching muscles and being a sleepwalking zombie. Anyway, saving a few extra euros on my travel budget was more important for me than a comfy bed and well-slept night.

Thank god it doesn’t have to be like that anymore! Let me tell you how I found out I can actually save money when travelling from Helsinki-Vantaa – by sleeping in an airport hotel.

What I found out was that when spending a night in Airport Hotel Bonus Inn next to Helsinki-Vantaa airport you can park your car at the hotel parking lot up to 16 days. Even if the length of your stay was one night only. This will save you a good amount of money in case you’re living in Finland and travelling a lot (or driving around Europe and want to have your car in a safe place for free when flying over somewhere else for a weekend – or a week). In case you’re only visiting Finland and you don’t have a car here… Oh, don’t worry! There will be some goodies for you as well, just keep reading.

Let’s talk a bit about the first option, whether you are living in or visiting Finland and have a car; Do you have an idea of how much does it cost to park your car at the airport? Well, as a quick and simple example, two days in the nearest parking hall to the terminal will cost you the same as one night in Airport Hotel Bonus Inn. What’s the difference then? Well, with a one night stay, before or after your trip, you can park your car for completely free of charge up to 16 days. Even with a one-week holiday we are already talking about quite a big saving.

Are you thinking what I am thinking? Why no one told me about this earlier!?

Well, better late than never, and now when I know this, of course I had to test it out. That said, we started our two-week trip to Iceland and New York with a little holiday head start in Airport Hotel Bonus Inn in Vantaa. In the map above you can see the exact location of the hotel.

And what a head start it was… oh boy. I’ve never started a holiday being this relaxed! And you can do it too! As a little extra treat for you, at the end of this post you’ll find a discount code that you can try out on your next hotel night in Finland.

Park your car and enjoy – it’s that simple!

As mentioned, in Airport Hotel Bonus Inn a free parking is always included in the room price. In addition you will get transport with the hotel minibus in front of your terminal and back. You can also spend your night at the hotel after your holiday, which makes a late arrival a lot more comfortable, especially if you have a long drive ahead of you.

We booked our hotel room for the night prior to take off and enjoyed a little head start for our holiday. Once we arrived to the hotel, we parked our car, got our parking permit from the reception, placed it on the car windscreen and started our holiday – one day early. Packing was done, driving was done, airport was just around the corner… What a relaxing feeling!

When we checked in we booked our transport to the airport for the next day. As our take off was only in the afternoon, we asked for a bit later check out, which was organized without any problems. Perfect!

Staying at Airport Hotel Bonus Inn before or after flying from Helsinki-Vantaa might save significantly on your travel budget

Staying at Airport Hotel Bonus Inn before or after flying from Helsinki-Vantaa might save significantly on your travel budget

I really need to give some extra credit for the lady in the reception who was able to serve all customers at the same time despite there being a little queue at the check in desk. Thanks to her prompt customer service, we got our room and breakfast coupons super quickly even if we arrived at a rush hour.

Starting a holiday in an outdoor jacuzzi – it doesn’t get any better than this!

Besides the free parking, this airport hotel had some other lovely surprises as well! They have a customer sauna warmed up every evening, but instead of the customer sauna, we had a private sauna booked just for us two. Oh wait, there’s more – on the terrace there was a huge outdoor jacuzzi and views over the roofs of Vantaa. Now THIS is the way to start a holiday!

It was a brisk April evening, and it got dark very quickly. After sunset the warm bubbles of the outdoor jacuzzi were accompanied by changing neon lights. Is this a perfect way to spend an evening or what?

Staying at Airport Hotel Bonus Inn before or after flying from Helsinki-Vantaa might save significantly on your travel budget

The view over the roofs of Vantaa from the 8. floor terrace in Airport Hotel Bonus Inn.

Don’t get me wrong, I have experienced an outdoor jacuzzi before, even the kind they call massaging one. But this jacuzzi really impressed me with its’ lights and real water massage. I nearly forgot sauna, the holy place for Finns, while letting the water massage and bubbles relax my aching shoulders.

The later it got, the more relaxed I was. Perhaps I relaxed a little bit too much, as I nearly missed the dinner time in the hotel restaurant. So not like me!

This outdoor jacuzzi on the 8. floor terrace of Airport Hotel Bonus Inn was sooo relaxing!

The changing neon lights of the outdoor jacuzzi made our evening perfect.

Perfect way to end a perfect evening!

We did manage to arrive for dinner on time. We were served by a super funny Bulgarian waiter Georgi, who made us laugh so much with his hilarious stories but also recommended us perfect dishes – that were delicious, by the way. If you have been following my blog for a while already, you might remember how I’ve been writing about the disappointments in restaurants before. Too often the quality of service and food don’t meet the price you pay. But in this case, everything was spot on. The dinner was delicious, the service was super good – it was a perfect way to end a perfect evening!

After the sauna, jacuzzi and the dinner we were so ready to hit the bed. The next morning after the breakfast and last bits of packing we went downstairs to wait for our airport shuttle to take us to Helsinki-Vantaa. Next to the reception there was another extra treat; free coffee! Exactly what I needed!

Bonus Inn Airport shuttle took us and a few other hotel customers to our terminal. The journey takes from 5 to 10 minutes and saves the trouble of airport traffic and expensive parking. Our actual holiday was about to start!

After returning back to Finland and getting our luggage, only thing we had to do was to give a quick call to the hotel and the airport shuttle came to pick us up in front of the terminal and took us directly to our car. So convenient. In case your plane is landing after 5 pm you don’t even need to call – the airport shuttle picks up the hotel customers from the airport every 20 minutes.

Tempted to stay in Airport Hotel Bonus Inn? Here’s a discount code for you!

Our night in Airport Hotel Bonus Inn taught me how stupid I have been trying to save money on my travel budget in completely the wrong places. To make your decision a little bit easier, here’s a discount code for you that you can try out for your next visit in Finland. This code gives you a little discount on normal list prices when booking directly through Bonus Inn’s website. Please note that in case of a special offer campaign this might not be the cheapest price. But go ahead, copy the code LOMALLE (please note capital letters) and try it out! There’s no time limit for this code, so you can enjoy it anytime.

Bon voyage! 

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