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| GIVEAWAY | GPS-Guided Travel Tips in your Pocket

*The giveaway is provided by GPSmyCity*

So, you love reading travel blogs? Me too! There’s so much inspiration and great travel trips available online nowadays, I love it. Who even needs guidebooks anymore? It’s all on the internet anyway!

GIVEAWAY | GPS-Guided Travel Tips in your Pocket | Live now – dream later travel blogWhen I read travel blogs on my laptop, I tend to bookmark all the interesting posts that I think will be useful for my future travels. Perhaps you find yourself doing the same? The list of bookmarked pages on my computer is getting so long that I can hardly find the one I’m looking for when I really need it. In case I don’t remember the name of the blog or the exact name of the blog post, it might be difficult to find it even on Google.

Even if I manage to find the one I’m looking for, the reality hits hard when travelling. I’m abroad. I don’t want to use expensive data for checking out those tips. Damn!

In case you’ve ever found yourself in this same position, I have good news for you! I have partnered up with GPSmyCity and want to introduce you how to get GPS-guided travel tips in your pocket with offline maps and all!

Interested? I thought you might be!

What is GPSmyCity?

GIVEAWAY | GPS-Guided Travel Tips in your Pocket | Live now – dream later travel blogLet’s have a quick look at the company behind GPS-guided travel article apps. GPSmyCity provides city walk apps for hundreds of cities all over the world – even Finland! The walk tour can be a general one, like ‘the most popular attractions’, or very specific, like ‘the most haunted buildings’ or ‘an art walk’ after a famous painter or architect.

The travel articles are turned into phone applications. You can download one for completely free or charge to access it offline; Instead of bookmarking the blog post on your computer, you can access it with your phone wherever in the world you are, even on the aeroplane. With a small fee ($1.99) you can upgrade the article to access the maps and take your walk tours with a GPS-tracker offline without any roaming fees. Practical, huh?

‘But what’s the point?’

…you might ask. ‘Why would I bother paying for something I can read online anyway?’

GIVEAWAY | GPS-Guided Travel Tips in your Pocket | Live now – dream later travel blog

Here’s the catch: Even if you COULD use mobile data in your travel destination, original blog posts and travel articles wouldn’t have the GPS feature. With the app you don’t need to carry heavy guidebooks to find the best restaurant, the greenest park or the most beautiful beach on Earth—The GPS-guided travel tips are already in your pocket and available offline!

You don’t need data. You don’t need heavy guidebooks. You don’t need a separate map of your travel destination. You have it all in your GPS-guided travel article app.

The written tips are available on the free app (you can find all destinations here), so it costs nothing for you to have them on your phone. Offline maps and step-by-step routes are available after upgrading. After all, you’ll end up wasting $1.99 on roaming charges very quickly if you have to turn on your data to check your location or the distance to the restaurant you’re looking for, am I right?

The Giveaway — Free Travel Article App for iOS!

As mentioned above, I’ve partnered up with GPSmyCity, which means I will be creating content for new travel article apps for the cities I visit worldwide. For each purchased upgrade I will receive a few cents that help covering the costs of this beloved travel blog.

My four first apps have been published TODAY, and to celebrate it, GPSmyCity and I want to take you for a little food walk in Vilnius, Lithuania!

For a limited period of time, between NOW and Sunday the 16th of October, you can download the upgrade of Four Emotive Experiences in the Restaurants of Vilnius free of charge. By clicking the link you’ll be directed to the app (opens in a new window). If you haven’t yet downloaded the free GPSmyCity app you will be prompted to do so. After downloading the app, you will be directed to the article, where you can choose UPGRADE to get the GPS-guided version.

Claim your free app now!

Claim your giveaway now!

Note: Unfortunately, for now the GPS-guided travel article apps are only available for iOS. Android version will be launched soon… Apart from the article apps, the other GPSmyCity guides are available for Android as well.

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Pin these GPS-Guided Travel Tips for later:

GIVEAWAY | GPS-Guided Travel Tips in your Pocket | Live now – dream later travel blog

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