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Glamping in Lapland — The Night I Wanted to Last Forever

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The glamping night in Aurora Dome luxury tent was provided by Harriniva Hotels & Safaris on a blogging trip in August 2016.


“If I only could wake up every single morning with a view like this… ♥”


Glamping in Lapland – The Night I Wanted to Last Forever | Live now – dream later travel blog


…I typed to accompany my Instagram photo on the 4th morning of August, just before I agreed to crawl out of my comfy bed. I’m not saying the late-summer trip to Muonio in Finnish Lapland wasn’t filled with seriously cool experiences, like white river rafting, fatbiking, husky puppies, paddling… just to name a few highlights. But glamping in Lapland truly lifted this trip up a notch.

I only had one problem. Surrounded by forested nature and wilderness lakes, the Aurora Dome luxury tent in Torassieppi holiday village didn’t allow me to close my eyes. No matter how tired I was after the active day, I just couldn’t go to sleep. I only wanted to lay on my bed, buried in my soft blanket, and breathe in everything I had around me at that very moment.

The gentle silence. The cleanest air in the world. The lake view calmed by the August rain.


Glamping in Lapland – The Night I Wanted to Last Forever | Live now – dream later travel blog
Glamping in Lapland – The Night I Wanted to Last Forever | Live now – dream later travel blog


But it’s ok. Because when you have a chance to try glamping in Lapland, sleeping isn’t the point.

Glamping, shortened from glamorous camping, is something that most of us experience only once in a lifetime. You don’t want to spend that one short moment sleeping. You want to spend it enjoying everything that you have around you. Everything that your home — or that cheap fabric tent you bought 10 years ago and still use — is missing.

Summer is slowly turning into autumn, and the nights of the Midnight Sun are gone. I add a couple of logs to the small fireplace I have in my Aurora Dome luxury tent. Besides the perfect atmosphere, the fire warms me up on a cooling August evening.

I sit on my bed and keep staring at the Northern sky where the see-through wall of the Aurora Dome is facing. On a cloudy late-summer evening I can only dream about Northern Lights, but this is how it could be on a cold winter night.


Glamping in Lapland – The Night I Wanted to Last Forever | Live now – dream later travel blog

Photo: Harriniva Hotels & Safaris


I close my eyes and can almost hear the frosty cracking sounds, just like it would be -30 degrees outside. It would be dark, but not pitch black, as the lake would be covered with fresh snow giving just enough light for me to see to the other side of the lake Torassieppi. Then, just suddenly, the sky would burst into flames. The Northern Lights would be dancing in the black sky until the early morning hours. I would sit under the heating lamps of my Aurora Dome, wrapped in a thick blanket, hoping for that moment to last forever.

A calming pitter-patter wakes me up from my wintery daydream. The raindrops are bouncing on the surface of my Aurora Dome creating a relaxing atmosphere. There are no Northern Lights, but the night is just perfect. I feed the fire with one more log and promised myself I would soon close my eyes.

But no. Even if I knew I had a long and lonely drive ahead of me the following day, this was my night of glamping in Lapland. This was my night in the Aurora Dome luxury tent. Right here, right now. I could sleep at home, once I finally get there.


Glamping in Lapland – The Night I Wanted to Last Forever | Live now – dream later travel blog


While staring at the deserted lake, I feel like there is nothing and no one else in the whole world right now. There are not many places where you could experience that feeling. And it charges up your batteries much better than sleeping could ever do.

Someone who is used to five-star luxury holidays could get annoyed having to walk their way along the dark forest path to reach the toilet. I’m not bothered at all. Exactly the opposite. It creates a cottage-like cosiness to my first ever glamping experience.

There’s no point in dreaming of WiFi in Torassieppi holiday village. Not having the internet is an important part of luxury.

“We have a much better connection”, they say in Lapland.


Glamping in Lapland – The Night I Wanted to Last Forever | Live now – dream later travel blog

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  1. Wow! Glamping in lapland looks amazing. And just look at that view!
    I’ve been glamping before, if you can call it that, it was a silver steel caravan on the roof-top of a boutique hotel in Bristol! Very nice it was too, and the only one of it’s kind in England!

    1. That sounds cool, definitely different! 😀 Do you have a post about it? I might end up in Bristol in the near(ish) future, so I need to keep that in mind. This Aurora Dome is definitely something to experience (at least) once in your life. I can only imagine how awesome it would be in winter under the Northern Lights…

      1. I loved that, thanks for the link. That’s definitely something to try out! 😀 Bath is also on my list, so I’ll get back to you when the time is right! 😉

  2. Oh this looks so wonderful! Maybe someday….. We once spent a night in a teeny cottage that was all glass on 2 sides, just as close to a Finnish lake as your glamping tent was. And it was almost midsummer. I had the same reaction, I stayed up all night watching the sun skim down behind the trees then back up again. It was magic.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Glamping in Lapland is truly an experience I think everyone should have at least once in their lives. Or actually, twice. Midnight sun in one thing, but imagine staying here when the Northern Lights would be dancing in the sky. Where was that glass cottage where you were staying at?

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