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What Did I Put Myself Into… My First Ever Hitchhiking Adventure!

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When I wrote about my summer plans a few weeks ago, I had absolutely no idea what kind of adventures will be waiting for me around the corner.

If on my latest post I was cursing Facebook for revealing my well-planned surprise trip because of one single click, for my upcoming adventure Facebook is not the one to blame but the one to thank for. Perhaps Facebook isn’t so bad after all.

Because one short comment typed on Facebook is now taking me to the adventure of a lifetime! A hitchhiking contest called Hitchball4000!

#Suomiretki goes #Hitchball4000

Have you ever travelled by hitchhiking?

Well, me neither! Except for the upcoming weekend I will when #Suomiretki goes #Hitchball4000.

Adventure of a lifetime – A hitchhiking contest in Finland | Live now – dream later travel blog

Hitchball4000 is the largest hitchhiking contest in Northern Europe. The contest is celebrating its 5th anniversary this year. However, I only heard about this hitchhiking contest for the very first time in my life a couple of months ago.

Half-joking I threw out some requests to my most adventurous friends if anyone would be interested in taking part in this contest which will be raced in the teams of two people. For some reason, my friends weren’t too excited about my silly suggestions. Who would be? You must be crazy to do something like this, right?

After a while, I forgot the whole hitchhiking contest. Until a couple of weeks ago, the sweet algorithms of Facebook lifted it on my face again. I decided to give it one more go.

And it worked!

A fellow traveller and travel blogger Nella from Kaukokaipuu travel blog was brave enough to partner up with me on this hitchhiking contest. Nella is also the founder of #suomiretki phenomena. Suomiretki means explorations across Finland, and since it was born, almost 90,000 photos have been shared on Instagram with #suomiretki tag. Therefore it’s the best way to get inspired when you’re planning your first (or second, or third…) trip to Finland.

On Friday, Nella and I will lift our hitchhiking thumbs up for the very first time in our lives and start a #suomiretki of a lifetime – hitchhiking across Finland for one full weekend.

This is a trip where absolutely NOTHING can go wrong, am I right?

Adventure of a lifetime – A hitchhiking contest in Finland | Live now – dream later travel blog

My first ever hitchhiking trip – how should I feel about it?

I can’t believe I had to live 33 years before taking my very first hitchhiking trip. But as you know, I’m always eager to gather new experiences, and this trip will be full of them.

Am I scared? Not really. Am I excited? Extremely!

From Friday until Sunday, I will experience a countless number of unforgettable encounters with people I’ve never met before. I will visit dozens of new destinations across Finland I’ve never been to before. I will face probably thousands of hilarious – if not comic – travel moments with adventurous Nella, and we’ll be having a continuous dubiety about where are we going, what are we eating – and where are we going to sleep.

Yeah… what could go wrong?

Adventure of a lifetime – A hitchhiking contest in Finland | Live now – dream later travel blog

The organisers of Hitchball4000 hitchhiking contest have created a map with a huge number of checkpoints throughout Finland. Some of the checkpoints are outside the Finnish borders but with our team, Suomiretki on the road, we will be hitchhiking in Finland only.

One checkpoint is located here in my hometown, Rauma. Too bad I can’t gather these points for our team before the contest starts. Let’s see, maybe I end up close to home during the race.

Adventure of a lifetime – A hitchhiking contest in Finland | Live now – dream later travel blog

In this contest, the kilometres don’t count but the points we’ll be gathering from the checkpoints. The team with the most points by Sunday night will be announced as the winner. You can follow our adventure real time on Suomiretki social media channels: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram stories.

Adventure of a lifetime – A hitchhiking contest in Finland | Live now – dream later travel blog

Now, show your support and lift your thumbs up – literally!

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