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Too Many Years Since the Mediterranean

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Heavy workload have kept both, the blog and my travel calendar fairly quiet this autumn. As Finnish people love to say, rough work requires rough entertainment, and luckily, the help is always near when travel fever gets too high.

Travel blogging has brought so many wonderful people into my life. Fun and like-minded personalities who share the same spontaneous way of enjoying life and travel as I do. On Friday morning, I was chatting with my dear blogger friend Teea. Our conversation needed only one random thought that I like to call as ‘too many years since the Mediterranean’:


“I haven’t travelled anywhere warm since I moved back from Spain in 2012. It’s been five years. FIVE. I haven’t even seen palm trees since, except in Ireland earlier this year. And I didn’t even know palm trees grow in Ireland!”


I remembered afterwards visiting Italy back in 2013, but it doesn’t change the fact: it’s been still too many years since the Mediterranean. Ever since, I’ve been travelling all over Europe, sometimes even beyond Europe, but always at a time when there was no chance for a heat wave. To be honest, I’ve barely seen the sun during those trips.

Teea took my confession as hard as I did. The next morning, we had already booked the flights.


Destination Mallorca: Hiking trip to Mallorca, Spain


Destination Mallorca

Choosing our Mediterranean destination wasn’t too difficult. Travelling to the Mediterranean wasn’t as important as were the matching dates, the possibility for sun and some heat and the presence of beautiful nature. As soon as Teea spotted hundred-euro return flights to Mallorca, the decision was made.

An image of Mallorca being a party destination sticks hard in our minds. The theme of our trip is to change this perception from a party island to a natural paradise. Our friend Google has already helped us a lot with finding gorgeous hiking trails in Mallorca. Too many, actually, compared to days we have to spare.

There’s the demanding, even dangerous canyon Torrent de Pareis, the second highest peak of Mallorca called Puig de Massanella, the wild and beautiful – but also deceitful – peninsula Cap de Formentor, and and and… After ending up on this site introducing 63 different hiking trails in Mallorca, we’re totally screwed with deciding which trails to take.

Someone, please help!


Hiking trails in Spain: Pico de la Concha


Travel tips to Mallorca, please!

As we have 4,5 days at the destination, of which we’re going to spend one in the capital Palma de Mallorca, it’s obvious 63 hiking trails are off limits. But I’d love to hear some recommendations. Who has been hiking or trekking in Mallorca, hands up now? Which trail you’d recommend taking first?

I’d also love to hear some tips for the small, idyllic villages of Mallorca as well as other must-see places to visit. More than anything, I’d like to read some recommendations for accommodation, so please share your best experiences. As many of the trails are located in the Northern part of the island, we’re most likely going to spend the most nights in some cosy and unique boutique hotel or a guesthouse around the North Coast. One night will be dedicated to Palma, so accommodation tips for Palma are warmly welcome as well.

Oh, and another tip for Mallorca needed: How is Palma on Sundays? Due to our flight schedule, the best day to spend in Palma would be Sunday, but if we did, would we miss the best Palma has to offer?


Destination Mallorca: Travel tips to Mallorca


If you have any blog posts or experiences about hiking in Mallorca or cute, unique and affordable accommodation, please share your thoughts in the comments. The trip is getting closer, and I’m getting way too excited to keep drowning to work for a few more weeks. ♥

P.S. Because the trip to Mallorca is still in the future, I decorated this post with photos from ‘a small’ Sunday walk to Pico de la Concha, the highest peak of Sierra Blanca mountain in the Costa del Sol.


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