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Travel Costs to Mallorca — Should I Have Grabbed a Package Deal After All?

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My autumn trip to Mallorca is getting closer. Against all expectations, my travel companion and fellow travel blogger Teea and I are shockingly well organised at the moment. It wouldn’t be a surprise if we didn’t have our hotels booked and plans made two days before take-off.

A couple of days ago we managed to put the last pieces together, meaning the accommodation in Palma de Mallorca and the insurance for our rental car. That said, we’re finally aware of all travel costs to Mallorca — except for the money spent on the spot.

Do you know the feeling right after purchasing flights when your social media feeds and emails start immediately filling up from package deals to the same destination? How annoying is that? And yes, it happened again; As soon as Teea informed she had booked our flights to Mallorca, the first offer landed in my mailbox.


“Super Deal: Direct flights to Mallorca + accommodation in a 4-star hotel, now only 230 euros!”


My first thought? Oh s**t! I think we just missed our chance to halve our travel costs to Mallorca.

Or did we, after all? Now when we’re fully aware of all travel costs excluding what we eat, drink and fuel during the 5-day trip, it’s a lot easier to compare whether we SHOULD have grabbed a travel package deal instead of building our trip from scratch.


Travel costs to Mallorca - should we have grabbed a travel package after all?

Sometimes great companion is more important than great travel deal. This is the first picture of Teea and me, taken in 2015 just a few hours after we met. We clicked so well you could hear it!


How much costs a trip to Mallorca? Travel costs listed!

As we’re travelling to Mallorca late autumn, the travel costs are quite fair compared to high-season. Our first step was to book flights and rent a car. The next step was to find a hotel somewhere up north (and first of all, to decide where to stay in the Northern part of Mallorca). Last but not least, we finally managed to book accommodation in Palma for two nights and find a third-party insurance for the car.


And this is what we paid for our 5-day trip to Mallorca:

Direct flights between Helsinki and Palma de Mallorca by Norwegian: 94 € per person

Apartment hotel for 3 nights in Puerto de Pollensa, incl. taxes: 146,50 € meaning 24,40 € / pp / night

Guesthouse for 2 nights in Palma de Mallorca, incl. taxes: 101 € meaning 25,25 € / pp / night

Rental car for 5 days: 22,60 € meaning 11,30 € / pp (Can hiring a car get any cheaper than this?)

Third-party insurance for the car: 15,35 € meaning 7,70 € / pp

Travel costs per person for a 5-day trip: approximately 236,70 €


What did we book, where and why?

As a loyal ex-employee, I always start my hotel search from trivago. After comparing some hotel prices, I ended up booking the apartment hotel Apartamentos Habitat in Puerto de Pollensa through Ebookers. In the Northern part of Mallorca, we’re planning to spend our days hiking in the mountains, and that’s where an apartment hotel becomes convenient. Thanks to a small kitchen in the apartment, we can prepare some hiking lunch to go each morning. Because of its location right outside the centre, we can also park our rental car free of charge. Bueníssimo!

For our stay in Palma, we booked an extremely affordable guesthouse that has gained plenty of great feedback from customers. Thanks to its location outside the city centre, we’re more likely to find a parking spot for the car. We booked Hostal Bonany through

As Teea and I are famous for NOT being scared of a little walk (Teea’s blog is called ‘Curious Feet’), a 20-minute walk between the guesthouse and the centre isn’t a problem for us. Especially when we can choose the beach walk for the journey. A great location close to Bellver Castle is definitely a bonus.


Hiring car and finding the insurance for a Mallorca holiday

Hiring a car in Mallorca off-season is ridiculously cheap. A Peugeot 208 or similar little car is handy for the small mountain roads and, the best of all, incredibly budget-friendly. To rent one through with two drivers and a navigator for a 5-day trip was just over 20 euros. See, ridiculous!

Everyone who has ever rented a car for their travels knows how rental companies make their money; With shockingly-priced insurances. In our case, the insurance through the car rental would have cost a bit over 60 euros. Buying it from a third-party company reduced the price to 15 euros. There’s no excess, and the insurance covers all damage up to 50,000 pounds meaning approximately 56,500 euros.

Let’s hope there won’t be any need for claims, but as I learned from our road trip in England and Wales, you don’t need to be the one fucking up for having to pay the damage.


Travel costs to Mallorca: How much costs a 5-day trip for 2 travellers?


Usually, Daniel and I would go for Axa insurance that so superbly saved us after the incident in England mentioned above. This time, however, the Axa website was under construction. Due that, sorry Axa, I took my money to an insurance company called Worldwide Insure. I found the company through a comparison site MoneyMaxim which I found with the help of Google. How on Earth did travellers hire cars and buy insurances before Internet?

Despite an active search, I couldn’t find many experiences about this insurance provider from Finnish sites, so I took my time to read the small prints and exploited the British guy living in my house to check all the tricky English insurance terms. If anything goes wrong, I blame Daniel.

But, as stated above, let’s hope there won’t be any need for claims.


Would our trip to Mallorca have been cheaper with a package deal?

Once everything was finally booked for our trip, the little investigative journalist inside me woke up. So I started comparing the costs of our self-built trip with the package deals I found for the same period. These are the prices I found, presuming two travellers are sharing the room:

All-inclusive holiday in a 4-star hotel in Can Picafort, incl. flights
3 days starting at 266 € / pp
4 days starting at 349 € / pp
7days starting at 454 € / pp
14 days starting at 819 € / pp

5 days in Mallorca, incl. flights and accommodation in a 2-star hotel in Santa Ponsa: 234 € / pp.

7 days in Mallorca, incl. flights and accommodation in a 3-star hotel in Magaluf: 230 € / pp.

Cf. the self-built 5-day trip for Saana and Teea, incl. flights, accommodation in 2 different places in different parts of the island, rental car and a full-covering insurance: 236,70 € / pp.


Mitä maksaa matka Mallorcalle – onko omatoimimatka halvin vaihtoehto?


Would it have been cheaper to grab a package deal? Perhaps so, but when booking trips, it’s good to look at the price beyond numbers.

For me, an all-inclusive holiday has never awakened any other emotion but cold shivers. A thought of eating all my food and drinking all my Sangría in the same place isn’t my cup of tea. For someone else, it could be the perfect option.

If I wanted to make the booking as easy and fast as possible and stay in the same place for the whole time, I would have most likely grabbed one of the 230-euro package deals to Mallorca. However, the purpose of this trip is to explore the island beyond Palma de Mallorca and Alcúdia, so we wanted to stay in both, the capital and the Northern part of Mallorca.

Of course, Mallorca is such a small island that you could easily take a day trip each day from Palma to different parts of the island. For us, driving that much wasn’t an option for two reasons: the driving itself and the environmental point of view. Besides, during a short day trip, you only get to see and explore a tiny part of the area.

On the other hand, building your trip from scratch can be extremely time-consuming. As an entrepreneur, time is literally money; If I had used the time I spent for searching and comparing hotels and reading the small prints from the insurance to working or getting new clients, I would have been left with more money in my hand.

But planning the trip is part of the experience, am I right?

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