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New Year, New Tricks – Flow with the Dream Stream!

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There’s something magical in January. Every year, every single person in the world gets a new chance. On New Year’s Eve, we promise to change our lives and aim for healthier, more productive and happier future.

Some goals are bigger, some are smaller. Either or, all of them are equally important.

Besides a pile of ambitious goals I’ve set for my personal life to achieve in 2018, I decided it’s time for some changes on this travel blog as well.


Hyppää mukaan Dream Streamiin ja voita liput Matkamessuille


Flow with the Dream Stream!

I’m happy to introduce you to Dream Stream, my new trick for the new year.

Well, it’s not really a trick. Dream Stream is an inspirational letter that will keep my dear followers – just like you – up to date with the latest news, affordable travel tips and silly stories that I won’t share anywhere else. At times, Dream Stream will treat you with discount codes, contests and giveaways. And other fun stuff, I have my little head full of ambitious plans.

I’ve been planning a newsletter-kind-of inner circle for years, but I never got my hands dirty with it. As the new year is always full of new possibilities, I thought now is a perfect time.


This far, it’s been possible to subscribe to new blog posts, but bilingualism has always been a massive downside. My subscribers have received ALL new blog posts, also the ones in Finnish, which I know can be hecking annoying. What kind of person understands a word of Finnish, right?

Those emails have now been disabled for good, and Dream Stream was born to replace them. Except that Dream Stream will be much more interesting, way more fun and of course, more useful for you. However, if you have subscribed for the old emails, you’re automatically in Dream Stream and have already received the first letter from me. If you didn’t get it, remember to check your junkmail just in case.

As I don’t want to block your email, Dream Stream will flow to you every 2–3 weeks. Unless I have some super amazing news that can’t wait for that long.


So, why not to give it a try? If you want to be part of this lucky group of insiders, you can flow with the Dream Stream by signing up here:


What have you promised yourself to achieve in 2018?



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