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Hidden Natural Attractions in Rauma: Kokkovuori Mountain

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While some cosmopolitans might consider Rauma as a quiet and dull town, I know better. I know getting bored with Rauma would be impossible, or at least extremely difficult. The most prominent reason is its ability to surprise and astonish year after year, day after day. It isn’t only the unique details and undiscovered angles in the old town that I keep telling you about, but the fact that we have a countless number of gorgeous – and hidden – natural attractions in Rauma. And by hidden I mean such attractions even locals don’t know about. Kokkovuori mountain is one of the best ones.

Massive mountain ranges have disappeared from Finland long ago. What we have left are the remains formed by the ice age, hills like Kokkovuori mountain, which is most likely the highest peak where to admire the stunning Rauma archipelago. Kokkovuori reminds us of the Svecofennian orogeny and is the only one of its kind in this town.


What makes Kokkovuori mountain genuinely unique?

It’s the location right next to quite a busy street. And yet, Kokkovuori is so well hidden by the trees that you can’t catch it with your eyes – unless you know exactly where to look.

You can’t find it on Google Maps, and there are very few stories about it. I’m not ashamed to admit that only a couple of years ago, I had never heard of Kokkovuori – not even if I had been running, skiing and biking in the same forest for years.

And that’s what makes Kokkovuori truly special.


Missä Rauman Kokkovuori on? Miten Kokkovuorelle pääsee? Rauman Kokkovuori kartalla


Previously, I have only visited Kokkovuori in summer. In mid-March, I went to see how the ‘Bonfire Mountain’ (kokko=bonfire, vuori=mountain) looks in its winter outfit. When I was walking along the forested paths covered in snow, I tried to recall the shots I had taken from the area before. I didn’t quite succeed taking pictures in the exact same spots, but I hope they’re close enough to give a picture how the view varies at different times of the year.


Maastopyöräreittejä Raumalla: Pyytjärven maastopyörälenkki vie Kokkovuorelle Rauman maastopyöräreitit talvella: Pyytjärven lenkki


Kokkovuori – one of the best viewing spots in Rauma

If you want to examine my hometown Rauma from a bird’s perspective, we have a few great places for it. The easiest – and the most delicious one – would be Rauma water tower. Besides a viewing platform, the tower hosts a café and restaurant Torni that serves delicious lunch and snacks. While the water tower is accessible around the year, in summer you can admire our stunning archipelago from Kylmäpihlaja Lighthouse or the viewing tower in Kuuskajaskari fortress island.

But there is something else that unites these three sights than a 360-degree view of Rauma.

– You can see them all when you’re standing on the top of Kokkovuori mountain.


When you look closely, you can detect Kylmäpihlaja Lighthouse and the viewing tower in Kuuskajaskari with the naked eye, but for more specific observation you would need a binocular. When you’re standing on the top of Kokkovuori and peek south-east, you’ll have a view of the water tower and the Church of the Holy Cross.

When you turn your eyes towards the north, you’ll spot Olkiluoto island with its (almost) three nuclear power plants. Between the two directions spreads our stunning archipelago.


Luontokohteita Raumalla: Kokkovuori on Rauman parhaita näköalapaikkoja
Näköala Rauman Kokkovuorelta kaupunkiin: Pyhän Ristin kirkko ja Rauman vesitorni

This photo is the best I could do with my zoom without a tripod. Would you guess if I took it in summer or winter?


How to get to Kokkovuori mountain?

Kokkovuori stands in an ideal location for all types of nature enthusiasts as you can easily reach it by car, bicycle or foot. If you only want to have a quick peek and have no time for hiking or mountain biking, you can park your car in Kokkovuorentie (location on Google Maps) or Nurmentie (location on Google Maps). If you choose the second one, you need to walk a few hundred meters along the forest trail to reach your target.

If you want to spend the whole day outdoors, you can leave your car in the parking lot next to Pyytjärvi nature trails (location on Google Maps). Besides the wide trails that are suitable for all kind exercise, there is a bit more challenging forest route for mountain biking and hiking that leads you directly to Kokkovuori. The distance to Kokkovuori would be approximately 1,5 km one way. The full circular route (see the map below) is 5,5 km long, but thanks to many trails crisscrossing the forest, you can easily spend the whole day hiking or biking around.


Kokkovuoren lenkki on haastava maastopyöräreitti Raumalla
Rauman maastopyöräreitit talvella: Pyytjärven maastopyöräreitti Kokkovuorella

Rauman Pyytjärven ja Kokkovuoren maastopyörälenkki: kartta

The purple route shows the full mountain biking trail. The trail circles Kokkovuori mountain that you can spot on the left top corner of the map.


Who is the Kokkovuori trail for?

On a sunny winter day, the forest trail from Pyytjärvi to Kokkovuori was comfortable to walk on. I wasn’t the only one who had gotten the idea of a wintery walk in this forest, as the trail was trodden and good to walk with normal sneakers. The path wasn’t slippery, but you could still use the additional spikes on the bottom of your shoes, especially when climbing on the top of Kokkovuori.

A few mountain bikers had also left their tracks on the snowy trail.

In summer, the trail is quite pleasant to hike on, but for biking, it’s quite challenging. I’d love to know if someone has succeeded to bike this trail without landing their foot even once along the way. I know I had some troubles when I was biking here last summer. I’m no mountain biking pro, but I wouldn’t consider myself as a total beginner either.

The most challenging part is the area surrounding Kokkovuori, thanks to the rocks and thick roots crossing the trail. Once you reach the mountain, there are several places to climb up. You don’t have to choose the steepest spot as I often do (who wouldn’t love a little challenge, right?). Climbing up might be easier in winter rather than summer as after the rain the rocky hill can be dangerously slippery. So pay attention when conquering Kokkovuori, one of the most well hidden but also most beautiful natural attractions in Rauma.


Rauman parhaat näköalapaikat - Kokkovuori kesällä Rauman parhaat näköalapaikat: Kokkovuori talvella


I created my first ever (almost) real-time report on Instagram Stories on my Kokkovuori adventure. To amuse my blog readers, I decided to put those clips together and share it as a short video here on the blog. There are a few spoken lines in Finnish, but I thought I’d share this silly video with you as well. Try to ignore the Finnish lines and concentrate on the views.

If you liked to see more of this kind of short reports and you’d wish to watch them in English, don’t hesitate to drop me a line. You’ll find my Instagram account here.

P.S. If you’re watching the video on mobile, turn your phone sideways. As I made these clips for Insta Stories, I shot them vertically, but for some reason, the video plays larger when watched horizontally. ;)




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