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Dare to Say it Out Loud

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Always have something to dream about. Destinations where head to with every single step you take. Goals that guide the choices you make each day. Some more, some less.

Those dreams, they can be small. Because even the tiniest dream is worth reaching. Those dreams, they can also be completely insane. So insane that you wouldn’t even dare to say them out loud. Oh boy, do I have many of the kind!

The main thing to keep in mind is, no matter how crazy your dreams are, they will become real one day. So will mine. There will be a time when I’m finally ready to speak about them. Until then, they can brew inside my head. Luckily, I don’t need to get and make everything happen right at this second.

While I’m waiting the time to come, those dreams can live and find their final forms. Once they’ve set, the time is right for them to become a reality.


What are you thinking right now?


Always have something to dream about - dare to say it out loud. Station wagon can be an option for a campervan.


At least a few of my prolonged dreams are about to fulfil this year, as the flights to those dreams are already booked. Besides them, I have a couple of bigger goals that I’ve been daydreaming about for years. I might have touched them with a line or two on this blog before, but I’m not expecting you to know what I’m talking about.

The most massive dream of mine – not only by size but also by value – is a beach house here in Rauma. Now and then Daniel and I go to open houses to literally touch the dream, even if in most cases the asking price is thrice our realistic budget.

There’s a good reason why we go there; you must give your dreams some space and let them breathe. They need to be kept alive and fed with new ideas and inspiration, like in the form of viewing an overpriced house. After all, I can’t think of a better place to get inspired than an actual beach house.

Luckily, all you need to pay for open houses is an effort. And possibly the damages of a tantrum after you realise you’ve finally found your dream house, but it’s way over the budget.

But, after a while, you’ll see another dream house. And soon you’ll find yourself thinking; ‘one day there will be one for our budget, too’.


Last dream house we found we went to see twice. It was just a tad over our realistic budget, probably because it was far away from the town. After the second visit, the realtor kept calling me inquiring our thoughts on the house. The more he called, the more I found myself thinking of my other prolonged dream.

The enthusiastic realtor made me wonder would I be ready for another mortgage? What if Daniel’s job takes us to England – or somewhere even further – in a year or two? How much more time and investments would a beach house require compared to the two-bedroom row house apartment we currently have? The house sat far away from the town and even the nearest grocery store; would we need to buy and maintain another car because of it? Would a beach house eventually be worth all that?

On the other hand, everything about the house was just perfect. And I’ve never felt like I’d need to live in a town. In the correct state of mind, those facts would swipe away all hesitation.

But would I, after all, be happier if I had a spare home on wheels? A campervan that would carry me, my kayak and my bike to any beach at any time and for however long I want. A portable office with continuously changing views where I would get all the privacy in the world – something I only rarely get in my current home office, thanks to my two fighting cats. (They can be extremely loud and annoying, you know!)

My very own campervan. A dream that I’ve been carrying with me on and off for a decade, at least.


Getting know to Rachel and Chris, who have been living in their camper for years, hasn’t allowed me to forget this dream.


Always have something to dream about; what's your's?


Since finding the latest dream house last summer, I’ve been regularly thinking of my future portable office. I considered a DIY project for the winter; buying a used van, letting it rest in the yard, slowly modifying it during the winter months and by spring, my spare home would be ready to hit the road.

Unfortunately, I recognised the pitfalls of this plan. I might be good with pen and paper (or in modern days, with screen and keyboard) but what comes to craft skills, I’m all thumbs.


I didn’t get a van last year, but I started collecting links to DIY campervan videos and aspiring Instagram accounts. Ordinary camper is out of options. I don’t want a massive motorhome but a small, practical and characteristic van. The kind of camper that can handle both, small forest roads but also steep and curvy mountain roads.

In my notebook, I have a long list of qualities my campervan could have. Solar panels on the roof. Possibility to carry both, my kayak and my bike. Comfy bed and some room for clothes and other stuff. Atmospheric lights. Environmentally friendly heating option (I live in Finland, remember). Simple cooking facility. Possibility to charge my laptop, phone and camera.

And most important, a witty name.


It might sound silly to think about the name before the van even exists, but we’re in the habit of naming all big (and small) items we care about. My kayak is called Eversti Prasu (Colonel Prasu). Our carnivorous plant is Snappy. (Snappy is a bit dead at the moment, unfortunately.) Our telly is Chappy (because he makes Daniel happy). Our vacuum cleaner is Fudgy.

And there is always a job for Fudgy.


Always have something to dream about – dare to say it out loud.


Although, a station wagon is alright for camping too, especially in summer.


Would you dream of a campervan... or a campervan? Always have something to dream about. Dare to say it out loud.


But it doesn’t compare with the camper my friends have.


The winter is gone, and spring is knocking on the door. My van is still a dream.

The more grass the melting snow reveals, the more I find myself longing on the road. The more often I find myself browsing through the online marketplaces for used cars and campers and stroking the snowless surface of my beloved kayak.

Then, just suddenly, I realised I still haven’t said it out loud. And we all know that dreams can come true only if you dare to talk about them.

Beach house can wait. There will be a time for it. First, it’s Carrie the Camper’s turn to become a reality.

Wait! Did I just come up with a name for my new office (that doesn’t yet exist)?

Well, at least it’s now said.


Would you dare to say it out loud? What is it?



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