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Can you Hear the Beaches of Bali Calling?

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What on Earth…? Wasn’t she supposed to go to Crete?

It didn’t take too long after booking the flights to Chania until the plan changed from a relaxing beach holiday to a 7-day road trip in Crete. We’re about the hit the road, which means our Crete itinerary is ready and all accommodations booked.

I received the best news of the day from my private Crete consultant Terhi, a friend and fellow travel blogger from Vagabonda travel blog, who is currently living in Crete. She just dropped me a message telling the weather forecast in Crete says it’s going to be mainly sunny with 24–26 degrees (Celsius).

That’s excellent news as it’s been a while since the last trip with real beach weather. I tried to take one in November, but instead of a winter heat wave, it was snowing in Mallorca.

Creating our Crete itinerary was full of difficult choices but after days of struggling it’s finally complete. While exploring the options, I got to learn interesting facts about this stunning Greek island. Like the fact that Crete has a beach town called Bali.

And yes, the beaches of Bali are calling; after a couple of nights in Chania, we’re going to stay two nights in Bali. Just to be able to say we’ve been to Bali.


A 7-day road trip: Crete itinerary

After deciding we’re not going to stay in Chania for a week but rent a car, my first thought was:

how about a ‘Tour de Crete’, going around the whole island?

Luckily, Terhi quickly took my head down from the clouds. Even if the island might look like a small spot on the map, driving around the mountainous Crete in 7 days would be an insane effort. Considering we want to do something else than sit in a car during our trip.

Instead of Tour de Crete, our road trip itinerary looks like this. And yet, I’m wondering if I was too ambitious with the route.

Well, we’re about to find out.


Crete Itinerary for a 7-Day Road Trip | Where to Go in Crete in April


Besides Chania and Bali, we’re going to stay two nights in Plakias on the South Coast of Crete. The route on the map isn’t exactly truthful; along with the road, we’re planning to visit historic villages, ancient temples, mysterious caves, intriguing mountains, beautiful beaches and breathtaking gorges that I haven’t marked on this itinerary.

How many of the attractions we’ll be able to visit, I have no idea. We’re hoping to find some time for relaxing and chilling out, too.

Now I’m asking you, experienced Crete traveller, what are the natural or historical attractions along with this route we should not miss?


Please share your best tips for our Crete road trip.



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