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Would you like to work with me?

Well, hello there!

Content writing and blog co-operation | Live now – dream later travel blog

My name is Saana Jaakkola, nice to meet you!

I’m a freelance writer and the sole author of Live now – dream later travel blog. I’ve been working as a freelance writer and journalist since 2014, and in 2015 I started my own content writing business, Sandria.

I’m the girl you need especially when looking for an adventurous and creative mind. As much as I love my office chair, I am more than happy to head directly to where the action is.

I am writing on a regular basis for several Finnish publications, both travel and news. Among others, I’ve been working with the following companies and brands:

Travel magazine MONDO
Matkailu kotimaassa
Edita Publishing – European Commission newsletter ‘Ajassa’
Solid House Magazine
Cozy Homes by Solid House
Content House
Newspaper Länsi-Suomi
City newspaper Raumalainen
MatchOffice Finland
Kuntien Asiantuntijat KUMULA ry

Interested in working with Live now – dream later?

In that case, you might find the following facts interesting:

Live now – dream later is a bilingual travel blog, which means excluding a few exceptions, all posts are published in Finnish and in English.  The content is always carefully adapted and targeted for each language group.

The most popular topics on Live now – dream later are related to moving and living abroad, city breaks and road trips especially in Europe, travel in Finland, extreme and outdoor activities and adventures near nature.

65 % of readers are Finnish. The top countries outside Finland are the USA, Germany, the UK, Sweden and Spain.

An average reader is 25–40 years old traveller interested in nature, hiking and other outdoor activities and affordable travel. Men read my blog a little bit more (54 %) than women (46 %).

If you want to know more about my readers and the most interesting topics, don’t hesitate to drop me an email on I’m happy to send you my updated Media Kit.

Among others, I’ve recently worked with following companies and brands:


I am always open for new blog co-operations, and there is an unlimited number of ways to do it.

Would you like to have your logo on this page? Let’s create something new together!

Any thoughts or questions? Don’t hesitate to…

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