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Live now – dream later stays online but isn't updating anymore. Saana currently works as the editor-in-chief and writes exclusively for responsible travel media Valpas at

Collaboration with Live now – dream later travel blog

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Are you considering collaboration with Live now – dream later travel blog? Fantastic! Perhaps you’ve already read my introduction page but if not, let me tell you a few words about myself and my blog.

My name is Saana Jaakkola, and I’m a 35-year-old travel journalist from the county of Satakunta, Finland. On my career, I’ve written hundreds of compelling travel articles to the most well-known publications in Finland from travel magazines to lifestyle publications and newspapers across Finland. I’m currently working with an entirely new type of online travel media project that is focusing on responsible and sustainable travel. Don’t hesitate to contact me in case you want to partner up with a project that will revolutionise travel journalism

I work with this blog as I work as a journalist: every article is born after a careful background work, hours of writing and detailed proofreading. I refuse to write clickbait stories that don’t offer any useful information or benefits to the reader. I only work with brands that share the same values and can provide real value to my readers.



Information about Live now – dream later travel blog

Live now – dream later used to be an adventurous low-budget travel blog encouraging readers to fulfil their dreams and travel as much as possible.

Today, the name the blog has a greater meaning than ever before. With age and experience, I soon realised that if we continue travelling as I previously did and suggested, we won’t soon have destinations where to visit.

That’s why my blog has a new focus on sustainable and responsible tourism. Change of focus means fewer readers, but little by little, the importance of conscious and fair tourism reaches and changes travellers across the globe.


I only work with companies and brands that

  • Share the same values with my me, my blog and the blog audience.
  • Provide information, products or services that fit perfectly to the theme of my blog.
  • I have first-hand experience with. I do not throw in random links I haven’t tested or experienced myself.
  • Realise that by Finnish law, all collaborations need to be clearly marked on the blog and social media posts.
  • Pledge to comply with PING Ethics.

PLEASE NOTE: Live now – dream later is a personal travel blog. Therefore I don’t publish guest posts.

To find out more about the readership, reach and most popular topics, please email me at I’m happy to send you all the required details and discuss on best ways for us to work together.

Please find the past collaboration posts and campaigns here.


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