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Live now – dream later stays online but isn't updating anymore. Saana currently works as the editor-in-chief and writes exclusively for responsible travel media Valpas at

Hi, I’m Saana. Nice to meet you.

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I believe you arrived at this page because you want to find out more about Live now – dream later travel blog and its writer.

I’m happy you did. My name is Saana, and I’m an adventurous 35-year-old travel journalist from Finland. After living twice in Spain and once in Germany, I finally found my dream home on the shore of the Bothnian Sea in the county of Satakunta where I’ve born and lived the most of my life.

Together with my British spouse, two cats and a flock of swans living in my back yard, I’m learning self-sufficient life and tune my tiny adventure van in my countryside beach home far away from noisy towns.


My paradise. Saana Jaakkola and the responsible travel blog Live now – dream later Northern Lights on my back yard. Saana Jaakkola and responsible travel blog Live now – dream later


I started my travel blog Live now – dream later in 2014, when I was fulfilling my dreams in Germany. Living abroad was the main topic also on my first blog that I wrote when living in Spain back in 2011 and 2012.

Now my home is permanently is in the heart of Satakunta, but the core idea of my blog, fulfilling dreams, is still present. Dreams change, as do we when we grow older, wiser and gain more experience.

That’s why my travel blog has also changed over the years.


Saana Jaakkola | Travel journalist and the writer of responsible travel blog Live now – dream later -matkablogi


Live now – dream later is a responsible travel blog

When I started this travel blog in 2014, I was an adventurous low-budget traveller whose only goal was to see as much as possible with as few costs as possible. Instead of long-term and long-distant journeys, I rather chose a quick getaway in Europe. I didn’t pay attention to where, how and when I travelled, as long as the flights were cheap.

You can still find those stories on the pages of my travel blog. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to travel as I used to, but those stories are part of my past and part of my blog’s history. I can’t delete my past. It would exist even if I erased the written evidence from my blog.

Age, experience and the state of the world we live in have changed me, my thoughts and this blog. Today, Live now – dream later is a responsible travel blog sharing tips on how and why to make better decisions and cause more positive rather than negative effects when travelling.

Because the world, the destinations and the people who live there deserve it.

If you want to know more about my story, read here how and why did an irresponsible budget adventurer grow into a conscious traveller.


This blog is about learning to become a more responsible and conscious traveller, one mistake at a time.

Welcome to join the journey of lifelong learning.

Live now – dream later is a responsible travel blog for better way of travelling

I sometimes collaborate with brands and companies who share my values and provide useful information, services and products to my readers. If you wish to work with me, please check the page for blog collaboration.

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