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Live now – dream later stays online but isn't updating anymore. Saana currently works as the editor-in-chief and writes exclusively for responsible travel media Valpas at

Thanks for Joining the Dream Stream!


I’m so thrilled to see you here. Now, you’re probably wondering what the heck is this Dream Stream, am I right?


Dream Stream is an inspirational letter where I share the most recent news together with useful and exciting tips for more sustainable travel.

As promised, I won’t spam or fill your email with garbage. Once a month, Dream Stream will pop into your email box keeping you up to date and, occasionally, provide you with some extra goodies like contests and giveaways.


Sometimes the Dream Stream letters might get lost and end up to your spam folder. To make sure you’ll never miss a message, remember to add my email address to your address book or the list of safe senders.

As Live now – dream later has never been only about me, but about you and your dreams as well, I’d like you to spice up the conversation by exploring, commenting and sharing your thoughts, experiences and tips as well as your wildest dreams.

We only have this one life so let’s make sure we take everything out of it!


You can start by checking out the latest posts in English. Or perhaps you’d be interested in road trips, nature adventures, budget travel or EVERYONE’S FAVOURITE: travel in Finland?

Have a question? Don’t hesitate to speak your mind. You can do it in the blog comments on any post or, if you prefer some privacy, you can contact me by email or with this contact form.

Are you on Facebook? What a coincidence, me too!

Why not join the fun and like my page?

P.S. If you prefer receiving my newsletter in Finnish, just let me know, and I’ll do the magic.

Talk to you soon! Meanwhile – keep on dreaming!

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