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What is this Dream Stream (and why should you join)?


I’m so glad you asked. Dream Stream inherits its name from this travel blog and the core idea behind it; Live now – dream later.

More specific, Dream Stream is an electric letter full of travel inspiration, sneak peeks behind the scenes of this travel blog and tips and discount codes for affordable trips in Finland, Europe and beyond.

1-2 times a month, my Dream Stream letter delivers budget tips, giveaways, discount codes and other useful tips and ideas directly to your email. The best of all, as a Dream Stream subscriber, you’ll be automatically in whenever there’s a giveaway on Live now – dream later travel blog. That’s right – you don’t need to lift a finger, just keep checking your mailbox!

✭✭✭ You should join Dream Stream if… ✭✭✭

  • you want to cherry-pick the best stories and tips without having to go through the whole site from the very beginning
  • you want to learn what’s hot in travel right now – and why
  • you’re interested in travel-related giveaways, discount codes, offers and saving tips
  • you wish to participate automatically in every giveaway without having to lift a finger
  • you want to influence the future topics on Live now – dream later travel blog.

Are you ready to flow with the Dream Stream?


Great! This is how to do it:


Fill in your email address on the form below. After doing so, you’ll be directed to a new page where you can fill in your first name and give your best suggestions what you’d like to read about next (optional). Thanks to the new GDPR law, you also need to remember to tick the Dream Stream box on the form before subscription. I only ask for your first name and email address. Your information is perfectly safe with me, and I wouldn’t pass them on to any third parties even if someone held a knife on my throat. I only use your contact details for delivering the monthly letter plus a possible giveaway in case you win one.

Sometimes my letters might end up to your junk mail. You’ll avoid this by adding my email address to your list of safe senders. The easiest way to do it is to add me to your address book.

In case you change your mind, you can easily cancel your subscription at any time (although I hope you won’t).


Not quite sure yet?

That’s totally fine, I understand. Just explore the blog, and you can decide later. You can start by going through all posts on Live now – dream later travel blog from the most recent to the very first one here. Or perhaps you’re interested in something more specific like road trips, nature adventures, budget travel or travelling in Finland?

Got a question? What you’d like to read about next? Any other thoughts? Don’t hesitate to leave your paw print in the comment sections on this blog. You can also send your thoughts by email at any time.

Another great way to stay on board is to follow Live now – dream later on Facebook!

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