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Where have I been?

When I started the blog I had visited 17 countries. Even if I prefer counting experiences over countries, it’s fun to keep track on the map where I have been and where to head for.

What do you think, where should I travel next?
What about you, what will be your next destination?


Caribbean: 1 country (4.55 %)
Europe: 18 countries (37.5 %)
North America: 1 country (25 %)
South America: 1 country (7.69 %)

Total Visited: 21 countries (9.72 %)

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    1. I do enjoy any kind of outdoor activities and just being in the nature! When I’m not able to travel abroad, I try to spend as much time outside as possible and show some cool things about Finnish nature, as it is the best part of Finland. And I’d love to go to Nepal! There are so many destinations to explore! 🙂

    1. That would be such a great experience. This goes to the same category with New Zealand – I want to visit and experience them, but they both require quite a lot of savings so probably not in the near future. But one day, definitely!

  1. May I suggest India?
    Vast country with probably more to offer than you would expect.
    Plus you already have a free guide if you coming here 😉

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